Ketchup On Your Reindeer


Nick Sharratt’s festive flap book is a riot! Through turning the flaps you can completely upend the usual Christmas traditions, fare and faces! It might mean that you end up with Ketchup on Your Reindeer. With about ‘a Santa hat for your robin’? It might be that you choose ‘dog biscuits on your Christmas pudding‘. Or even… ‘slippers to go BANG’!

There seem to be so many possibilities. What’s more you can anticipate them, or even plan them! This means that you could be reading, plotting and coursing the options for ages!

Ketchup on Your Reindeer is a wonderful seasonal gift book, a title to be read, shared and laughed over often. Bookwagon is delighted to share this great reading experience with you.

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Ketchup On Your Reindeer

Nick Sharratt

(Alison Green Books)– hardback, flap book

Do you like ‘ketchup on your Christmas tree‘? Or maybe, you’d prefer Ketchup on Your Reindeer? Perhaps you’d like ‘antlers on your fairy‘? Or how about ‘antlers on your Christmas pudding’? Is it possible that you’d choose ‘holly for your feet’? Or thereafter ‘a cracker on your Father Christmas‘?
Nick Sharratt offers a festive treat! It seems that you can rearrange all the traditional Christmas fare, faces and trimmings to make it your own event! Therefore, you might like ‘sparkly wings to go… BANG’! Or even a ‘juicy worm on your sausages’! Then again, who doesn’t love split pages wherein you can create your own weird, spectacular or jaw- dropping combinations? After all, just think ofAxel Scheffler’s Flip Flap Farm. In fact, Bookwagon would suggest that the results throughout this wonderful book are even more bizarre!
Bookwagon loves Nick Sharratt‘s titles from The Cat and the King to his collaborative work, for example Car, Car, Truck, Jeep. It seems that with this festive title, his award-winning writer and illustrator offers guaranteed laughs, lots of participation and opportunities for early reading practice too! Bookwagon offers you Ketchup on Your Reindeer!


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