Kevin and the Biscuit Bandit


Photographic evidence and a collection of biscuit wrappers seem to point to Kevin being the Bumbleford Biscuit Bandit. Yet although biscuits are foremost in our flying roly-poly pony’s mind, we know he would never turn to crime! Who is trying to pin a crumby crime on Kevin? We’ve heard that horse prison is a dreadful place!

To avoid this, Daisy causes a distraction that allows Max and Kevin to race to a place of safety. Yet it isn’t long before Sergeant Gosh and P.C. Golightly are on their trail. What can Max and Daisy and Kevin do to discover the real criminals? Could Misty’s new business provide a place for a bit of criminal catching?

Meanwhile, it seems that there’s a guinea pig gangster duo in town, with a powered up racing car and a taste for sunflower seeds! Could the pet shop be in their sights?

It’s all action in Bumbleford! Readers are recommended this Custard-Cream crunching caper. Kevin and the Biscuit Bandit is the third in a biscotti- blooming trilogy, that stands alone as a vanilla slice satisfying solo read.

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Kevin and the Biscuit Bandit

Philip Reeve & Sarah McIntyre

(Oxford University Press)

Sergeant Gosh and P.C Golightly consider all evidence points to Kevin and the Biscuit Bandit being one and the same. After all, if you investigate biscuit thefts in the town of Bumbleford and find photographic evidence, along with biscuit packets on your suspect, you’d make the same claim! Yet readers know Kevin from The Legend of Kevin and Kevin’s Great Escape. What’s more we know that although Kevin loves biscuits, he wouldn’t break the law.
Could hiding out at Misty’s, help Max and Kevin come up with a plan to prove Kevin’s innocence? It seems that even superstar Misty is without biscuits to share! The only biscuits are the disgusting Sprout Squashies. Somehow, their chef seems rather familiar to Max, Daisy and Kevin.
Meanwhile, after a very quiet spell, Sergeant Gosh and P.C. Golightly are dealing with a crime wave as trouble brews at the pet shop. Can dastardly guinea pigs make off with a blast of sunflower seeds?
Kevin and the Biscuit Bandit is a truly entertaining story. We are delighted to welcome a third title to a series we love! What’s more, we realise how trusting Kevin’s relationship is with Max and his family, and then have an even wider understanding of the setting. Bookwagon loves this series!


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