Kevin’s Great Escape


Max’s older sister Daisy is over the moon when she learns that her favourite pop star, Misty Twiglet is moving to Gloomsbury Grange in Bumbleford. Fancy having the best singer in the world living in her town? 

When Misty’s manager, Baz Gumption visits their flat with an offer he’s certain the family can’t refuse, Daisy’s loyalties are torn. They couldn’t part with Kevin, the flying pony, could they? Surely Misty understands that Kevin loves living on their flats’ rooftop, having the opportunity to fly off to Outermost West when he wishes! 

Will Baz Gumption take ‘No!’ for an answer? What happens when Daisy’s need to see Misty compels her to venture to Gloomsbury Grange with Kevin? Is there evil at (athlete’s) foot? 

Bookwagon loves The Legend of Kevin and welcomes this custard-cream, mermaid wailing, centaur cardigan plumped sequel warmly. For a twist of magic, laughter and mayhem, we recommend ‘Kevin’s Great Escape’. 

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Kevin’s Great Escape

Philip Reeve & Sarah McIntyre

(Oxford University Press)

‘Kevin’s Great Escape’ isn’t from his nest on the rooftop of the Bumbleford block of flats in which he lives. It’s not from Outermost West from which Kevin blew in in The Legend of Kevin
Misty Twiglet, international pop sensation, is after every kind of weird and wacky pet. Doesn’t flying pony Kevin fit the bill? Misty seems to think so! So do her agent Baz Gumption and henchman Lumphammer. Furthermore, they will stop at nothing to make sure that Kevin becomes one of Misty’s pets! 
Can Max keep Kevin out of Misty’s clutches? What does Daisy, Max’s older sister, and Misty’s biggest fan, make of this dilemma? Finally, will there be enough custard creams to fulfil Kevin’s hunger pangs? 
‘The Legend of Kevin’ has proven one of Bookwagon’s most popular titles. We are delighted to welcome its sequel, ‘Kevin’s Great Escape’. 


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