Kids Fight Plastic


Kids Fight Plastic asks if you have two minutes? That’s all it takes to become a #2minutesuperhero. Plastic is everywhere: in the rivers and the seas, at home and in school. This little book aims to recruit a generation of superheroes to fight plastic and help save our oceans.

Anti-plastics campaigner, Martin Dorey, sets out the history of plastic. He explains how and why it is slowly killing our environment.  Furthermore we learn about the different types of plastic; their contents, origins and how some are recyclable. Thereafter, the campaigner challenges children to complete 50 ‘missions’ to fight plastic at home, in school and on days out. Informative, practical and positive, Kids Fight Plastic explains how small actions add up to make a big difference.


Kids Fight Plastic

Martin Dorey, illustrated by Tim Wesson


‘Kids Fight Plastic’ for the  world needs an army of super-heroes to help fight plastic in the environment! This fabulous little book is a call to arms, It seems like all it takes is two minutes a day to help that fight.  Anti-plastics campaigner, Martin Dorey, sets out 50 simple ‘missions’ that will help to combat the detrimental impact of plastic.
These include picking up litter regularly, making an informed change from plastic goods to recycled goods. These are practical, approachable tips.
Greta Thunberg has inspired children all around the world and has shown how small actions can ‘turn the tide’. ‘Kids Fight Plastic’ offers further ideas, within a pocket, pick-up, positive framework. Bookwagon is proud to welcome this title aboard!


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