Kind Crocodile


Thank heaven for Kind Crocodile! It seems the animals are in trouble. First of all, Mouse seeks out the shelter and defence of our hero, jumping aboard as Crocodile offers a warning GRRRR! to Snake. Then again, Hyena’s in pursuit of Warthog. Once again, Crocodile’s long back provides a place of safety, while the pursuer is defeated by a GRRRRR!

However, there’s more, when Cheetah’s in hot pursuit of Gazelle! A swift leap upon Crocodile and thereafter, we hear an angry GRRRRRRR! to warn off the speedy cat. Yet it seems that there’s a larger animal seeking Crocodile’s kindness. What will Crocodile do when Rhinoceros appears, chased by lion? Might it be that the tables turn in an entirely unpredictable way? Then again, what of Crocodile? Could it be that there’s a chink, a funny chink, in his kindness?

Bookwagon loves Leo Timmers’ brilliant colours, sharp lines and beautiful characterisations and shapes. Every picture book created by this writer is a jewel, one to treasure and read over and over. Therefore, we are delighted to welcome Kind Crocodile aboard.

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Kind Crocodile

Leo Timmers, translated by Bill Nagelkerke

(Gecko Press)

Help Kind Crocodile! It seems there’s ‘a snake chasing’ Mouse. Might a GRRRR! stop Snake in his (slithery) tracks? Then again, what if a ‘hyena’s chasing’ Warthog? It seems that he will jump aboard Crocodile’s hospitable length and seek Crocodile’s warning GRRRRR! of warning!
Then again, what of Gazelle? After all Cheetah’s on the hunt! We know how fast Cheetah can travel! It seems Crocodile’s GRRRRRRR! does the trick. However, Rhinoceros? Might taking Rhinoceros aboard when Lion’s in pursuit defeat Crocodile after all? Then again, might there be another way to take down these pursuers when it seems that Crocodile’s out of his depth? Furthermore, might Crocodile’s edge be shown in a mighty twist in this tail/tale?
It’s a joy to welcome another Leo Timmers title aboard, to join Elephant Island and Gus’s Garage, amongst others. Once more, we enjoy the pitch perfect, sparing text, within the strong storytelling. We gauge the feelings, the pace and dilemma from the expressive characters and then the direction and shape of the pictures. These are vibrant, rich and elegant. Thereafter, Bookwagon suggests that readers will relish looking through this book alone, reading and recalling and discovering more with each visit. Bookwagon loves and recommends Kind Crocodile to our readers.



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