How might we show we are ‘Kind’? What about a Kindness Jar? Maybe you could help carry a heavy load. Allow someone a chance to shine? Let someone in front of you in the queue. You could be kind to animals, and show patience when dealing with others. There are so many ways. Each one offers a chance for people and animals to feel wanted and welcome.

Alison Green offers a series of inspiring, inclusive suggestions. These are elevated through the skills and vision of 38 of the world’s leading illustrators.These include Axel Scheffler, who offers the foreword, to Sarah MacIntyre, Jörg Mühle and Cindy Wume, amongst a host of Bookwagon favourites.

‘Kind‘ is a beautiful, empathetic, thoughtful book. It is recommended to schools for philosophy, citizenship or PSHE. ‘Kind‘ would be an ideal home bedtime reading selection too.

Every copy sold gifts £1.00 to the Three Peas charity.



A book about kindness

Written by Alison Green with a foreword by Axel Scheffler and pictures by 38 kind illustrators

(Alison Green Books)- hardback

£1 from the sale of this book will be donated to the Three Peas charity

How can we make a difference? How might we show our kindness? Alison Green offers a selection of inspiring ideas in ‘Kind’. Axel Scheffler introduces the product. His pictures feature amongst 38 illustrators’ works, demonstrating the theme.  Make a kindness jar? Listen to others’ stories? Make sure that nobody feels left out? They’re all ways to be ‘Kind’. 


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