King Dave Royalty for Beginners


Albrecht is outraged by the Dumkopf troll delivering a message to Dave. Typically, Dave soothes things over, taking the note to read that his services are needed immediately by the King of Castletown. The King and Princess Rubella are heading off, at great speed, so as not to miss the drinks reception and a chance to fraternise with Princess Belinda of Potatoland. Dave is to be appointed as stand-in King.

Albrecht is Dave’s trusted confidante, steed and best friend. ‘When they were together, there was nothing to fear….’

The haste of Dave’s appointment, and his unfamiliarity of the role, is brushed away by the King who appoints him officially and hands him a copy of ‘Royalty for Beginners’. What could possibly go wrong?

The guidebook advises that the King has certain duties, from paperwork to waving. Most importantly, a King must take care of his Kingdom. He must ward off invaders and take care of his peasants (and make sure they’re not too smelly.)

So, is Castletown imperilled when King Dave is so involved with entertaining visiting ambassadors that he forgets that last duty?  Can Albrecht encourage Dave to return to his responsible behaviour? Is there anyone who might advise Albrecht and motivate Dave? Maybe a speaking cat who’s seen it all in royal circles?

Since we first met Dave and Albrecht in Knighthood for Beginners Bookwagon has been tickled, amused and stimulated. Elys Dolan’s imagination, creative vocabulary and hilarious pictures are a feast of reading delight. (Just avoid the Boil Man.)


King Dave

Royalty for Beginners

Elys Dolan

(Oxford University Press)

‘King Dave Royalty for Beginners‘ is a new adventure for Dave and Albrecht. A troll delivers a VERY URGENT MESSAGE; the King of Castletown and Princess Rubella are off to the 111th Annual Kings and Queens Conference. Consequently, the King needs a stand-in. Who else would he ask but Dave? Certainly Dave feels out of his depth, but the King has just the answer- a guide book, ‘Royalty for Beginners‘. What could possibly go wrong?
It’s only a short time later that Dave and Albrecht are working out crown protocol. Thereafter they must look over a King’s duties. However, something more pressing is ahead; the Ambassadors are en route and demanding a special reception. While Dave insists that sausage rolls will do the trick, naturally, it’s widely experienced Albrecht who is more aware of what is needed.  However, not even he can imagine how a weekend of ambassadors partying with King Dave might change everything he knew about Dave, and put the kingdom of Castletown at risk…
We are delighted to welcome another in the Dave and Albrecht series aboard Bookwagon!


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