King of the Sky


‘The streets smelled of mutton soup and coal dust and no one spoke my language’. What it is to be new; to an environment,  language,  weather, people- so that you feel  closed out and long for ‘home.’

When he learns that Mr Evans’ pigeons travel as far as Italy, our main character dares to become attached. Heand Mr Evans, pin their hopes on ‘King of the Sky‘, whose pigeon’s ‘eye blazed fire’. Watching the pigeons fly home as ‘straight and fast as arrows’ the boy grows familiar and encouraged, learns and hopes, and enters his pigeon, who returns last from every practice, for a 1000 mile return journey from Rome.

This stirring, fragile, heartwarming story is bleached sympathetically by Laura Carlin’s chalk and watercolour pictures, and Nicola Davies’ gentle, telling text. It is a magnificent book, that I recommend for any picture book aficionado. It deserves to be discussed, shared and loved, for this is a book of meaning and might.

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King of the Sky

Nicola Davies, illustrated by Laura Carlin

(Walker Books)

‘King of the Sky’ is a poignant tale of change, movement, loss and trust, beautifully created by Nicola Davies and Laura Carlin, perfect to share at story or bedtime.


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