King Otter


‘King Otter‘ requires a parade, with acrobats and musicians to delight. There must be a banquet and a golden coach pulled by unicorns. Everyone must bow down to ‘King Otter’.

What happens when Otter discovers the box full of fancy clothes and fine things changes the order of things. ‘King Otter‘ has ever more elaborate plans and demands. Will the other animals comply? What about buttercup garlands and unicorn horns?

‘King Otter‘ is a clever, fascinating and original picture book. It is very funny. I love the wildlife response, and the climax of the story, which is neither predictable nor hectoring. This is a story to enjoy and wallow over- rather like Otter and his muddy paws.

Bookwagon recommends ‘King Otter‘ to young readers and their adults as a really satisfying, polished and frog hand-standing picture book.


King Otter

Jane Porter

(Simon & Schuster)

What happens when an Otter finds a box? Might he decide upon a new role? Maybe, ‘King Otter‘? Fine clothes, fancy things demand he assumes this new role! ‘King Otter‘ needs servants, a throne and a parade. What else does a King require?


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