Kiss the Crocodile


Kiss the Crocodile’ is the game that Little Crocodile wants to play. It’s a game that he and his mother enjoy. Monkey, Anteater and Tortoise love playing games. They play silly dancing and Splish! Splosh! and SCARY MONSTERS! ‘Kiss the Crocodile’? It’s the one where you have to creep up on Little Crocodile and kiss him! His eyes are closed. He might be asleep, but if he awakens….

Anteater says he’ll take a turn, and Tortoise will play too. What about Monkey? Will she play ‘Kiss the Crocodile‘?

‘Kiss the Crocodile‘ is a tense, exciting, fun-filled story. Sean Taylor is a skilled picture book storyteller. His craft is accentuated in Ben Mantle’s bright pictures, which heighten the drama and pace. I love the change of page direction employed at critical moments! (Will you ‘Kiss the Crocodile’?)

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Kiss the Crocodile

Sean Taylor and Ben Mantle

(Walker Books)

Let’s play Stick Splash! SCARY MONSTERS? Or silly dancing! How about… ‘Kiss the Crocodile’. Do you dare? Anteater bets he can go first. Tortoise checks that everything is all right. He doesn’t want to awaken Little Crocodile with his kiss. What about Monkey? Can she ‘Kiss the Crocodile’? 


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