Kitsy Bitsy’s Noisy Neighbours


On the top floor live Hunky Dory, the weightlifter and Honky Tonk. While Hunky Dory weightlifter and trains, Honky Tonk, his best friend, sings to reach high C. Unfortunately, their thumps and soaring disturb the floor below where Tippy Toes’ baby howls- BOO HOO HOO! It seems his noise makes it impossible for Smart Alec to continue his writing. He’s on the storey beneath. Therefore he collects his drill to continue his DIY project. Unfortunately, that disturbs the storey below again. It’s where Big Wayne is having his mane trimmed by Rocky Locky. Rocky Locky is so disrupted that she cuts off more ‘than she mean[s] to…. Big Wayne’s roar is so loud that it ‘blows all the scraps of hair…. out of the window, through the air…  to float down gently till they land…. ‘ It’s a disaster! While Kitsy Bitsy might wear ‘BIG boots‘ how is it possible that she might sort out the fight that ensues?

Bookwagon loves the progression of the disruptions, the imagination, the sounds, and activity, rhyme and beautiful colour pictures too. Altogether, Polly Faber and Melissa Crowton have arrived at a most wonderful, satisfying story in Kitsy Bitsy’s Noisy Neighbours. 

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Kitsy Bitsy’s Noisy Neighbours

Polly Faber and Melissa Crowton

(Nosy Crow)

Park View Rise is a ‘modern block with great location,/ handy for the shops and station….‘ What’s more is ‘so quiet./ No one here would cause a riot‘. However, readers arrive on a day that’s like a butterfly effect of chaos.
It seems that on ‘the top-most storey’ live the singer, Honky Tonk, alongside Hunky Dory, the weight lifter. While ‘Dory jumps, Tonk hits top C./ Their thumps and high notes travel down…’ to Tippy Toes’ baby, who’s bawling at the big noise- Boo Hoo Hoo!’ Thereafter, below the wailing baby, lives Smart Alec, who’s trying to type his latest book, which leads him to abandon his project and continue his DIY drilling, only to distract Rocky Locky, the hairdresser who is cutting the mane of Big Wayne….’
Bookwagon loves the way that we journey from storey to storey in Kitsy Bitsy’s Noisy Neighbours, so that the rhyming storybook runs like a descriptive tour! What’s more, we meet each neighbour, realise their profession, alongside experiencing the distraction of each ensuing noise!
Altogether, Polly Faber and Melissa Crowton have arrived at a truly entrancing story. Rather like Hilda and the Runaway Baby, there’s a sense of hillbilly capers in Kitsy Bitsy’s Noisy Neighbours. However, we know that somehow, once the crisis hits the ground floor, somebody is going to have to sort out the situation. Yet how?


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