Knighthood for Beginners


Knighthood for Beginners’ is the guidebook that Dave chooses to overturn his life. This small, failed dragon is determined to become the best, bravest knight there ever ways. Armour, training and a steed, that’s all he needs! The steed’s the first part, and this steed, Albrecht, doesn’t resemble any steed described in ‘Knighthood for Beginners‘. A German speaking, widely travelled goat? Then, little that Dave experiences in his knight training matches the guidelines of his book.

Elys Dolan has created two endearing characters in Dave and Albrecht, and a very funny story. ‘Knighthood for Beginners‘ is sure to appeal to readers aged from 7 or 8 years old, and older readers, too.

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Knighthood for Beginners

Elys Dolan

(Oxford University Press)

‘Knighthood for Beginners‘ is the guide book that changes Dave’s prospects. A failure at dragon-ing, Dave the small dragon is on a new quest, to become the best, brave knight he can! A steed will be the first step. Enter Albrecht, German goat. This original, funny title is certain to tickle the reading fancy of younger readers and their oldsters too!


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