Knights and Bikes Rebel Bicycle Club


Demelza and Nessa’s friendship was built upon the adventure shared in the splendid Knights and Bikes Now the pair face another test. A bodiless blast from their first quest has a problem…  he needs to return the Pendragon Cup. Unfortunately, he can’t remember when or how he ‘found’ it originally, or where it might be lying. There’s a time limit too.

Can ‘The Rebel Bicycle Club‘ trust Sir Calenick? He’s known for being duplicitous. Further, this quest will take them into very dangerous territories such as abandoned theme parks and haunted islands. Then there’s Demelza’s arch enemy Connan, hellbent on Nessa surrendering her Neon Justice TWO, the superb two-wheeler upon which Connan had his eye. Connan, with his gang, will stop at nothing to vent his anger at the pair.

The ride is rough, the laughs are plenty, the imagination and legend links rich and thrilling! We are delighted to welcome ‘Knights and Bikes Rebel Bicycle Club‘ to Bookwagon. Let’s share the adventure!

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Knights and Bikes Rebel Bicycle Club

Gabrielle Kent

(Knights Of)

What happens when you’re in the middle of telling ghost stories and there’s a BANG BANG BANG on the caravan roof? Maybe you’ll open the door to discover a……. The discovery propels the ‘Knights and Bikes Rebel Bicycle Club‘ helter-skelter into another mega mythological adventure! Can they unearth the cup that the Pickled Head (aka Sir Calenick) lost, accidentally, so many years ago?
Demelza and Nessa’s quest sees them fight off bullies, trespass, lock pick and face down their terrors. We feel Demelza’s pain when there’s a huge threat to Captain Honkers, the third, feathered, member of this daring gang. Will they break away the briars, dig through the earth, use their wit and good manners to tear down seemingly indomitable walls that have arisen around the Pendragon Cup? We love the pace and adventure of Knights and Bikes and are delighted to welcome its rip-roaring sequel. Hang on tight! It’s a bumpy ride!


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