Knights and Bikes Wheels of Legend


The arrival of a travelling fun fair to Penfurzy brings a new mystery for Nessa and Demelza to unpick in Knights and Bikes Wheels of Legend.  Just why are funfair Jack’s parents so unwilling for Ness and Demelza to meet with Ren? After all, her singing voice is exceptional. Doesn’t everyone want more time with her? Why should she be kept hidden?

Furthermore, why are there earthquakes around the Penfurzy coast? It’s more unsettled than usual. Could it be anything to do with gigantic caverns beneath Penfurzy? Demelza knows many of her mother’s stories and explorations of the area and it seems that Jack is keen to investigate! Thereafter he’ll need legendary wheels rather like Ness’s and Demelza’s!

Then there’s Jack’s goose. She’s not popular with Captain Honkers, but rather like that sidekick to Demelza, is attached to Jack. How does this all tie together with the visitors, the geological activity, a hidden singer and then Demelza’s mother’s research?

Bookwagon welcomes the third witty, pacy, clever, Cornish piskie flavoured adventure in Knights and Bikes Wheels of Legend. We recommend this series and thereafter this third title highly. Not only are the graphics superb, but the storytelling is gripping, funny, thoroughly researched and really engrossing. This is the perfect selection for chapter book readers with a little experience under their belts, seeking a satisfying series.

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Knights and Bikes Wheels of Legend

Gabrielle Kent, with illustrations by Luke Newell

(Knights Of…)

It seems that Ness and Demelza have a new adventure on their hands with the arrival of a travelling funfair. While the visitors are welcomed by the Cornish holiday industry, they’re also a ‘horde’ to be defeated. Or are they?
Knights and Bikes Wheels of Legend offers Captain Honkers a new feathered foe, while it seems the mystery involves the real reason for the funfair’s arrival. Thereafter, Ness and Demelza learn from traveller boy Jack that there’s a reason the fair does not stop. Furthermore, the reason they’ve arrived in Penfurzy lies deep within the cove. Do Demelza’s mother’s investigations of these caverns hold the information for which Jack and his family long?
What giant problem is about to be unleashed? Can Ness and Demelza keep the pickled knight under wraps? Furthermore, why is the travelling fair so keen that Ren, with the ‘beeee-yew-tee-ful’ singing voice is silenced? What does her voice mean really?
As the friends learn more from Jack so the shadows and secrets grow. Yet what might they realise when they truly explore the funfair, from caravan, ghost train to cavern? What golden treasure might they discover, and how might the piskies be involved?
Bookwagon has loved the Knights and Bikes books thus far. Not only are the main characters brave, feisty and ingenious, but the setting fully realised. Thereafter, Gabrielle Kent and Luke Newell are able to manipulate Cornish folklore, language and the art of gamesmanship in to the perfectly crafted tales. Knights and Bikes Wheels of Legend is a truly engrossing, witty, clever and satisfying addition to a superb series.


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