Knitbone Pepper Ghost Dog Best Friends Forever


‘Knitbone Pepper Ghost Dog Best Friends Forever’ introduces us to Starcross Hall. It is the ancestral home to Lord and Lady Pepper and their daughter Winnie, Knitbone’s BFF. What will happen to Winnie when Knitbone leaves, to return as a ghost in Starcross Hall? She is bereft! Worse still, it appears there’s a sneaky council official at work. She’s determined that Lord and Lady Pepper owe lots of money. Only the sale of Starcross Hall could make amends!

Learning that his ghostly form has rid him of his aches and pains, Knitbone Pepper, loyal BFF to Winnie, has a new lease of life! It’s Winnie’s grieving for him that bothers him most. How might Knitbone Pepper and Winnie reconnect?

Amongst Knitbone Pepper’s discoveries are the Beloveds, other Starcross Hall animal ghosts. They’re a proud but differing crew- monkey, goose, hamster… Can they solve Knitbone’s problem? Might it involve trickery? Or could that be best employed in getting rid of the potential Starcross Hall buyers?

‘Knitbone Pepper Ghost Dog Best Friends Forever‘ is an inventive, funny and really satisfying read. I’m looking forward to building upon this warm and clever series. It’s rather like discovering your best friend in the wardrobe!


Knitbone Pepper Ghost Dog

Best Friends Forever

by Claire Barker, illustrated by Ross Collins


‘Knitbone Pepper Ghost Dog Best Friends Forever‘ feels a fresh spark and energy as a ghost. Yet he wishes he could let Winnie know he was all right and communicate with her still. He misses her. Getting used to life as a ghost in Starcross Hall, means joining the Beloveds, the stately home’s other ghostly animals. Who are they? What is their history? Do any of them have the same purpose as ‘Knitbone Pepper Ghost Dog’, to reunite with Winnie, his BFF? Or is there some other project that requires their full, united attention?


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