Knowing the Score


What’s the chance that Gemma might discover the truth as to why her mother has separated them from her family? Gemma’s mother won’t be drawn on this, any more than she will on the identity of Gemma’s father. Is there a chance that a month without her mother, with her grandmother and Uncle Joe, will reveal the truth?

Certainly it seems that Uncle Joe is loveable, just as Gemma’s mother ruefully suggested. However, he’s bashful at revealing the truth. Then again, it seems everyone about knows, including at the tennis camp into which Gemma’s signed. In fact, his girlfriend’s daughter suggests that Gemma will be a ‘natural’ at tennis. Gemma’s never  played before! Could this statement be to do with her father? Is this a chance to find out who he might be?

Furthermore, what of Uncle Joe and Lexi, then Bradley and rescue cat, Mungo. Gemma discovers a whole new world and needs to know why it’s been denied her for so long. What is the truth? Will Mum reveal all from her competition winning cruise? What about photographs, or even other people’s memories?

Bookwagon loves Ros Roberts’ books. We’re so excited to welcome Knowing the Score aboard. We recommend this middle grade novel to readers who are particularly reading devoted, curious, empathetic and emotionally mature. What a superb and satisfying book.

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Knowing the Score

Ros Roberts

(Little Tiger Press)

Gemma’s Mum works hard to make sure she and Gem have a good life. It’s a little life in a little flat, but they’re happy. However there are gaps in the family. For example, why does Gemma’s Mum have little contact with Gemma’s grandmother and Uncle Joe?  Therefore, when Gemma’s Mum is asked to join a winning cruise party for a month, Gemma sees it as a chance to discover the truth. After all, she’ll be staying with Uncle Joe. Won’t he and Gran welcome the chance to share?
However, what is the truth? Why has Mum kept Gemma away from her family? Then again, what do the few memories that Gemma holds of Uncle Joe’s wedding reflect of the tear in the family? Furthermore, what does Mitzi mean when she says Gemma will be a ‘natural’ when it comes to tennis camp?
Knowing the Score is a much awaited middle grade novel from Ros Roberts. After all, we’ve loved her titles, Digger and Me and Every Cloud. Again, this insightful writer considers relationships and assumptions. Then again, we look at whole ribbons of families and friends, from Mum and Jerry, to Uncle Joe and Sophie. Furthermore, we realise adult fallibility alongside the hopes and dreams and wishes of individuals and those foisted upon them. What a wise book.
Bookwagon loves and recommends Knowing the Score. We recommend this book for reading devoted, emotionally intelligent, mature and thoughtful readers.


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