When it is time for young Koala to leave his mother he faces many challenges. He must avoid eucalyptus trees that have been scented by territorial males. Thereafter he must fill his mouth pouches with eucalyptus leaves, avoiding the poisonous tips, that he can sustain himself. His tree must be stable, safe from danger and other company, and good enough to sleep in for up to eighteen hours.

We journey with young Koala as he ventures away, watching for dangers with him, seeing him huddle down against the storm, learning how he might kangaroo bound to safety. Claire Saxby and Julie Vivas have created a fascinating and informative nature picture book that readers will love to learn from and read.

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Claire Saxby and Julie Vivas

(Walker Books)

For the first time little Koala is shunned by his mother when he seeks her pouch. Though he might stay close to her for up to a year, she is preparing for a new joey. Therefore it is time for this youngster to fend for himself.

It seems that he will have to stay clear of other males who will see even a youngster as a threat to procreation. Furthermore, it appears that koalas are solitary; they do not tend to share trees unless part of a family group. Therefore our young one must seek a tree of his own. It must have bark upon which he can grip and then enough eucaplyt leaves to sustain his need for food. Did you know that ‘growing koalas need to eat around 300 grams of leaves?’ It seems that adults need even more. What’s more these ‘leaves take a lot of chewing‘!

Koalas’ coats are different colours in the different parts of Australia in which they live. Thereafter, these coats have an oily slick that makes them weatherproof. That’s useful, as these creatures can sleep for up to 18 hours a day, even through severe storms?

Julia Vivas is an Australian national hero. Her shadowed and light infused ink illustrations are mesmerising. Meanwhile, Claire Saxby offers such interesting information with ‘kind’ clues of anecdotal facts included upon each page! While this title features one of the bear species, unlike A Book of Bears, its information is thorough, unique and so interesting! Bookwagon suggests readers of Koala might also appreciate an opportunity to view a Koala webcam

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