Kyan Green and the Infinity Racers


There are plenty of thrills and spills in Kyan Green and the Infinity Racers – it’s an action-packed race-a-thon!

Kyan and his annoying little sister is digging around in the attic of their rented house when they find an old board game called The Infinite Race.  The box makes extravagant claims for the game, but when Kyan opens it up, all that’s there is an incomplete plastic race track.  It’s not even possible to complete a full circuit of the game.

However, when Kyan begins to play the game, he is catapulted into a fantastical multiverse where he has to race against ever more determined and dangerous competitors.  Each race becomes more perilous and Kyan is trapped within the race.  He is a stunt driver, a rocket ship pilot and a BMX rider.  He then gets involved in a race where he could potentially win a life-changing amount of money.  This could come in handy because his family’s landlord is threatening them with eviction.

Join Kyan and his sister and grandma in a whirlwind of racing action in this excellent debut novel from author Colm Field.

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Kyan Green and the Infinity Racers

Colm Field, illustrated by David Wilkerson


Kyan Green and the Infinity Racers is the debut novel from Colm Field. It is an epic adventure of racing cars, monster trucks, rocket ships and wheel-spinning action.  When Kyan finds a battered old racing-car game in the loft, he doesn’t believe the big claims written on the box.  The blurb on the box says the game will race you into infinity.  Yet this game seems to be half of a plastic race track – it’s not even a full circuit.  Not much of a race experience there.
So it comes as a huge shock to Kyan when the game really does take him on the journey of a lifetime.  The game transports him into the multiverse!  In this incredible world, he can be a space pilot on the trail of underwater aliens or an unwitting robber in a stolen police car.  Each race adventure is more thrilling than the last. And each new race is more perilous than the last. When Kyan ends up as a stunt driver racing for a million-pound prize, he thinks he’s found the way to save his family and their home – their landlord is threatening to evict them.  The life of an infinity racer is becoming more and more fraught with danger – and is about to prove much more dangerous than Kyan has bargained for.
Bookwagon recommends this debut heartily!


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