L is for Love


It’s very early morning when the family set out for the Lagos markets. They’ve lemons to sell. It’s a long journey, made more difficult when you’ve a limp and light is limited. Therefore, the appearance of a lorry is lucky!

Might there be light after the lightning, and then lazy lions and a lonely leopard to sight as the route crosses broad savannahs? Further, on the city limits might there be laundry hanging through the verandahs where people loll. However, what about the big city sighted across the lagoon? Wouldn’t it make your little lorry feel dwarfed in its largeness? Might it lead to the family issuing a wealth of loud instructions that must be listened to? Then again, the markets? Full of brilliant colours and beautiful wares? Might there be a lip-licking lunch ahead of a day of sales?

However what about the ‘long way home‘? Who will be waiting? Could they show the love that is shared amongst this family?

Bookwagon relishes the storytelling, the clever text that begs to be shared and recited and then the colour rich, brilliantly differentiated pictures. Atinuke’s and Angela Brooksbank’s collaboration upon L is for Love is a triumph, a picture book to share, and love and know well.

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L is for Love

Atinuke, illustrated by Angela Brooksbank

(Walker Books)

It’s time to sell lemons in Lagos. However that means a long journey, especially for one with a limp, hoping for a lucky lorry lift. Then again, what about lightning, thankfully ahead of light that offers a golden vista? Might you see ‘lazy lions‘ and maybe a ‘lonely leopard‘?
Atinuke adds to the wonderful picture books she’s created with Angela Brooksbank, including B is for Baby with L is for Love. Thereafter, we jump aboard a lorry heading to Lagos, journeying into the big city, realising the vast stretches of African landscape. It seems we’ve lolling and laundry to sight in the city limits. Thereafter across the lagoon is the broad stretch of large city that makes the lorry seem very little. It means there are directions to appreciate that must be offered loudly so everyone listens. Then again, what might be found in the wonderful Lagos markets? Could there be lovely lace and then a delicious lunch? However, what about the lemons?
Bookwagon glories in the beautiful storytelling. We’ve such a broad stretch of adventure and experience to enjoy here. Angela Brooksbank’s illustrations are loaded with colour, pulse and beautiful comparisons. Altogether, it means we’ve a truly special book to delight in with L is for Love.



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