La La La


From a small, silent note, to steps into the light, we follow the progress of a lonely girl daring to make her voice heard- ‘La la la.’ Each step is threatening, yet a potential opportunity, from an interior, to a woodland, autumn, to water, to nightfall. Will she be heard? Discovered? Accompanied?

‘La La La‘ is a truly beautiful book, one borne from loneliness and a need for recognition and endorsement. It’s a story of hope and inspiration. We love ‘La La La‘ and recommend it to all our readers, without exception.


La La La

Kate DiCamillo, illustrated by Jaime Kim

(Walker Books)- hardback

This is a search for recognition, endorsement, and an opportunity to make one’s voice heard. ‘La La La‘ is a unique, aspirational, inspirational book,  perfect for any reader who has ever felt invisible. We recommend ‘La La La‘ to readers of all ages.


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