Lampie and the Children of the Sea


There is a window that Lampie needs to look from in the forbidden room at the top of the stairs. Rumours say a monster lives in this room. Martha, housekeeper of the admiral’s Black House is terrified of whatever lurks above. Certainly on the day that Lampie arrives, there is mayhem, anger and a coffin.

Thereafter, Lampie seeks a view of the lighthouse home forbidden to her for seven years. Her father is imprisoned within this lighthouse, charged with keeping the lamp lit by himself, rather than relying on his daughter Emilia- ‘Lampie‘. How can Lampie hope to communicate with him? Furthermore, how can she make herself useful within this house of secrets and sorrow? Could whatever lies upstairs offer the hope she needs? Thereafter, might Lampie offer this creature truth, and a world outside?

‘Lampie and the Children of the Sea‘ is a huge and wonderful title. It reminds me of The Murderer’s Ape in its originality, possibilities, timelessness and empathy. Bookwagon is proud to welcome this brilliant book aboard.


Lampie and the Children of the Sea

Annet Schaap

(Pushkin Children’s)- hardback

‘Lampie and the Children of the Sea’ are hidden and unknown. Everyone on the peninsula relies on Lampie to light the lighthouse lamp to protect the seafarers. They know that the lighthouse keeper Augustus is no longer in his right mind, capable of taking on the responsibility. Yet what of Lampie? Though her arms are strong, Lampie is a child. Forgetting her task risks jeopardising the fragile relationship she has with her father, and damaging his reputation. Furthermore, there is always the responsibility to the seafarers….
One night Lampie forgets. What happens next forms this story. Lampie is taken from her father to another home where a dark secret lurks at the top of the stairs. However, Lampie has lived with shadows and secrets. Furthermore, the room at the top of the stairs offers her the best view toward the lighthouse and her father. What are the blood-stained rumours of monsters? Why does Martha flinch and hide Lenny from sight? Thereafter, what of Lampie’s father? Can he maintain the lighthouse lamp without his daughter?
This book is unlike any other. It seems to be created from whispers. Additionally, there is an almost north Atlantic sea salt scent to it. Can Fish be real? Moreover what might Lampie do when she enters this hidden world? We are buoyed to realise the truths behind ‘Lampie and the Children of the Sea’ 
Bookwagon recommends this title to readers who love compelling stories of magic, fantasy, history and wonder. Furthermore, it is reminiscent of stories of courage and wit such as The Extremely Inconvenient Adventures of Bronte Mettlestone. Do you dare to venture up the stairs with Lampie?

Winner Gouden Griffel Award for the Best Dutch Children’s Book of the Year


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