Last Stop on the Reindeer Express


‘Last Stop on the Reindeer Express‘ is where Mia’s headed. She’s left it too late to post Daddy’s Christmas card and she’s despairing at his absence. When a magical post box appears, inviting her to ‘turn the knob three times’, she gains admission on an unexpected, wonderful journey!

Aboard a reindeer, over a twinkling sea, carol singers, paper stars and moonlit roofs, Mia soars. Where are they headed? Each page offers a ‘peep hole’ opportunity to lift the flap and catch a glimpse of the next spectacular sight.

‘Last Stop on the Reindeer Express‘ is a necessary, beautiful, imaginative book. We recommend the title for those children who experience separation from loved ones at Christmas/ holidays. Yet, it’s also an ideal choice to suggest the magic and wonder of the season.


Last Stop on the Reindeer Express

Maudie Powell-Tuck and Karl James Mountford

(Little Tiger)- with cut outs and lift- the flaps

Christmas smells of cinnamon, sugar and smoky wood. It reminds Mia of her Daddy too far away. Mummy says that Mia’s card will not arrive with Daddy in time for Christmas. As she despairs a magical post box appears. It invites Mia to turn the knob three times. Suddenly, she’s en route to the ‘Last Stop on the Reindeer Express.’ What will Mia discover? Who will she meet? We hold our breaths and take Mia’s steps too…
Like The Misadventures of Frederick the pictures of this wonderful picture book tell the story of an inner and external journey too. All aboard; ‘Last Stop on the Reindeer Express’!


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