Leilong the Library Bus


Mo, Max and Maggie are excited to share the library with Leilong. There are stories there and they know this brontosaurus loves stories. It seems he can have a snack along the way, and hurry to be on time.

However Leilong is a little large to enter the story. What’s more, he doesn’t have a library card! It means that Leilong cannot join in. Yet what if he’s able to listen from outside, that he can hear the children join in a story they know well. It inspires Leilong to draw closer, and then to wiggle his head into the window….

It isn’t an earthquake. Max and Mo defend Leilong. After all, he’s just ‘caught up in the story’. When he leaves the children ‘climb out the window‘ and what’s more, ‘the other children‘ follow.

Could this be the start of a good idea? It seems the library is now empty. Yet the children are boarded upon a huge brontosaurus, a story loving dinosaur. Is it possible that Leilong might become a library bus? He could take ‘books to every corner of the city‘ and ‘everyone can choose a book‘.

Leilong the Library Bus is a superb story to read, share, enjoy and gift. It demands to be read again and again and then pored over. What a beautiful picture book.

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Leilong the Library Bus

Julia Liu & Bei Lynn

Translated by Helen Wang

(Gecko Press)

Maggie and Mo are excited to share the library’s wonders with the brontosaurus. Leilong’s rushing to take his friends to hear the stories they promise. After all, Mo says, ‘They have books about everything‘. Could it be that ‘there might be a story about dinosaurs’? 
There’s grass cakes to eat along the way, which Leilong’s quick to eat. After all they ‘mustn’t be late’. 
Yet it seems that without a card, and being so huge, Leilong’s denied a place at the library. How can he listen to the story? If he pushes his head through the window he makes the whole building shake!
Might it be that when ‘Mo, Max and Maggie climb out the window- the other children‘ will follow? Thereafter might this brontosaurus offer a way for the children and grown-ups to choose books from him as a mobile book carrier? Or might there be another future for the dinosaur, as discover in Leilong’s Too Long!
Gecko Press produces outstanding books that stimulate and delight. Leilong the Library Bus is an example, as is Bei Lynn’s Bibbit Jumps. This is a story to share, love, know and gift. Leilong the Library Bus is a glorious picture book.


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