Leilong’s Too Long!


Leilong the brontosaurus collects the children for school every morning. Max, Maggie and Mo rush to jump aboard. Not only does he need refuelling with grass cakes, but the journey might include helping out passersby in trouble! However, Leilong’s kindness is not appreciated by everyone. It seems the busy streets are not ideal for a brontosaurus with big feet and there are accidents. Before long, ‘the school is forced to take’ Leilong off the road. He is devastated and sobs great galumphing tears…. Might there be another way that Leilong can bring joy to the city?

Not only is this picture book narrative a joy to read, but the cartoon style pictures are diverting and thoroughly enjoyable. Bookwagon loves and recommends Leilong’s Too Long! 

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Leilong’s Too Long!

Julia Liu & Bei Lynn, translated by Helen Wang

(Gecko Press)

Imagine going to school by Leilong bus! Max, Maggie and Mo are ‘up early to brush their teeth and get ready’. What’s more, this brontosaurus shuttle bus offers a ride to school for children throughout the city!
However it’s a tricky operation to step through the busy streets when you’ve big brontosaurus feet! Although Leilong is helpful to the children and people whom he might pass, he ‘feels awkward in the city.’ After all ‘he’s longer than a tennis court/ and often holds up traffic./ He’ weighs as much as five elephants/ and has broken several bridges’.
It seems the accidents, obstruction and delays are leading people to complain. Might it be that the brontosaurus bus is taken off the road? It seems the school feels he’s too much of a problem. Could there be a solution to the problem that Leilong’s Too Long! After all, he’s so upset and embarrassed that he’s ‘cried enough tears to fill a swimming pool’!
Leilong the Library Bus has delighted Bookwagon readers with its imagination and originality. Therefore, we’re delighted to welcome a new story about the helpful city brontosaurus from Taiwan.


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