Leo’s Map of Monsters: The Shrieking Serpent


Leo’s Map of Monsters: The Shrieking Serpent is the latest instalment in the excellent fantasy adventure series for younger readers from author Kris Humphrey and illustrator Pete Williamson.

This time, Leo must journey to the Endless Mines to find a new supply of the vital magic stones that help to ward off monsters from attacking his village.  Once again, his task has been set by the mysterious Guardian, to whom he is apprentice.  The stones and the mines are guarded by the fierce and fearsome Shrieking Serpent, a deadly creature unrivalled in its ferocity.

Leo can rely on the help of his friend Starla, the leatherwing, and the Forest Folk whom he has encountered before.  Will that be enough however for him to succeed in this deadly task?

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Leo’s Map of Monsters: The Shrieking Serpent

Kris Humphrey, illustrated by Pete Williamson

(Oxford University Press)

Leo’s Map of Monsters: The Shrieking Serpent features the continuing adventures of Leo, the young Guardian’s apprentice. His job is to protect the village from the monsters that lurk in the surrounding forest. It is also his job to ensure that the villagers never find out that the monsters exist!  Leo can rely on a few allies who know his secret, notably Starla, his leatherwing creature friend.
Whenever a monster gets too close to the village walls Leo must set out to stop them.  He has from the Guardian a magical map that helps him to find the monster and then do battle with it.  He has also relied upon magic stones from the Guardian they help him to combat the monsters.  But the Guardian has run out of magic stones and Leo is given the task of finding more, in the depths of the Endless Mines.  Guarding the mines is the fearsome Shrieking Serpent.
Once again, Leo must venture beyond the forest edge to track down the magic stones.  In doing so, he will encounter some old enemies, but maybe will get help from the Forest Folk in his task.
This title follows Kris Humphrey’s equally compelling and enjoyable series debut, Leo’s Book of Monsters: The Armoured Goretusk, also available in the Bookwagon on-line store.


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