Let’s Chase Stars Together


Let’s Chase Stars Together, let’s ‘pretend we’re ancient sailors/ preparing for a voyage to distant/ lands/ in our tiny boat‘. Matt Goodfellow offers older readers a selection of poems in which ‘to lose yourself’. Then again if it ‘rains today‘ might there be the opportunity to escape the ‘big fat drops‘ to ‘find     space/ to read’? Certainly, we’d take this book.

Bookwagon adores these poems! With Blackbirds, we travel through a lifetime of hearing ‘what [Grandpa’s] been listening for‘ to a point when Grandpa ‘brings those old binoculars to his eyes‘ before ‘he flies‘ with them. What magic!

Like the poet, we know that ‘wheel of worry‘ that brings such fear as to where it might land. What’s more, like him, we look ‘to find- a way to win’ so that ‘the wheel won’t need to spin’.

There are people we meet along the way, those who love and protect us, who ‘have our backs‘. Then there are those  ‘we keep afloat’. What’s more there are inner monologues, such as the character ‘pulled out of class’ by ‘one of your lot‘. It seems they recognise their lack of ‘protective armour an invisible shield a sparkle and glisten that they probably don’t even recognise they have in the first place’. 

So many of the poems speak to me, this Bookwagon bookseller, such as The River, wherein one stands at the back of the classroom, seemingly listening, while ‘singing the song she never needed to learn‘. There are memories, people, known and passed by, hurts, aches, happiness, dreams and heartbreak.

I’m awed by these poems, absolutely besotted and inspired. Let’s Chase Stars Together, a slight little book seemingly, is as powerful as ‘wild, rolling break[er]s‘ speaking of distant places, dreams and then the perfectly warm and adequate. We recommend this book highly as a title to read alone and cherish, and to gift to somebody for whom you care.


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Let’s Chase Stars Together

Poems to Lose Yourself In

Matt Goodfellow


we’re on garden chairs/ that go all the way back/ to the beginning of time‘…. What an invitation to indulge in this beguiling collection of poems from Matt Goodfellow. Therefore ‘c‘mon, c’mon let’s go’, Let’s Chase Stars Together.
It might be that this collection directs you to pledge that you will ‘never work on [your] birthday’. After all there are ‘precious loved ones/ who always have [your] back‘ with whom to engage. Then again, maybe it’s a time, as with a birthday pledge, to Listen Up, so that you ‘do not give up‘.
Maybe there’s somebody in your life to whom you throw ‘A Thought‘ so that you wish they will not wear their sadness ‘today’. Then again, maybe you’re the ‘boat afloat‘ on their words of sadness that float on the sea.
We know that Matt Goodfellow is a highly intuitive and emotionally literate poet from works including Bright Bursts of Colour. It seems that Let’s Chase Stars Together is personal so that we’re invited into private thoughts and experiences. However, there’s also something shared in our own hopes, fears, anxieties and experiences. For example don’t we each wonder about ‘the other life’ that we might have lived? It seems that in such an existence there could have been a ‘Sophie‘ who ‘might have taught me how to carry myself with the same/ understated confidence’?
Bookwagon loves the range, the considerations, the elegance of these works. We love and recommend this poetry collection to older readers, to know, hold close and cherish.


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