Let’s Get Ready for School


It seems that it’s useful to be prepared before you start school. You might begin by working out your journey, from how you’ll get there to who’ll join you along the way. Then again, you might practise your skills, like putting on your own coat and shoes.

It’s natural to be nervous, excited and even a little bit worried. Those feelings will be shared by the people whom you’ll meet, friends like Marley and Maya, Akiko and Ella, who feature in Let’s Get Ready for School.

They have things they’re looking forward to doing and learning, like ‘numbers- and trikes’ or thinking about being a ‘space traveller‘. ‘All the things you learn at school will help you do exciting things when you’re older’. 

You might be nervous about the new place and the new people, but in a little while everything will ‘be as familiar as your own fingers and toes’

The research, care and encouragement shown in the words and pictures of Jane Porter and Carolina Rabei are exceptional. There is such skill and understanding, and so much information and inspiration.

Let’s Get Ready for School is an essential title to share and enjoy at home and school.

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Let’s Get Ready for School

Jane Porter and Carolina Rabei

(Walker)- hardback

Let’s Get Ready for School. It seems there is so much to prepare and learn. For example you might feel nervous or excited or even ‘a little bit of both‘. Within this picture book are children who feel the same way and even ‘a little bit worried too’. However, that’s ‘only natural’.
There are tips to help you ‘warm up’ like putting on a coat by yourself, or knowing which shoe to put on which foot. Maybe you know how to ‘peel a satsuma‘ or that you should ‘wash [your] hands with soap after‘ going to the toilet.
This book explains why going to school is ‘useful and interesting’, that ‘the things you learn at school will help you do exciting things when you’re older’. 
Through including children who practise and undertake the actions introduced, we are informed. Thereafter we consider the journey to school that we might take and then how to ‘say hello’. There is such reassurance from the people to the setting. We learn about the ‘carpet for listening time‘ and that there might be ‘special jobs‘ about which you can ‘take turns’.
Jane Porter is such a capable writer and illustrator. It feels as though we are in good hands. What’s more the pictures in this book are fulsome, diverting, encouraging and so inclusive. Carolina Rabei considers the impact of the words beautifully.
Like Ready, Steady, School! this is an encouraging, engaging and beautiful picture book. Bookwagon recommends Let’s Get Ready for School wholeheartedly.


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