Let’s Go Outside!


We might be ‘nature detectives hunting for mini beasts‘ should be go outdoors. Then again, we could ‘find a big sploshy puddle to splash in’ or ‘wrap up toasty- warm when it’s cold’. What’s more, on a spring day, we could feel the ‘sun on our faces‘. Just imagine, moreover, running ‘as fast as our legs can carry us‘.

It seems there are so many things to do, see, feel and learn when we’re outdoors. Therefore, Ben Lerwill suggests Let’s Go Outside! Then again, his text offers movement in its verbs, so that ‘fast‘ seems to be speeding off the page. However, we’ve a huge wide word written to show the ‘wide world’ into which we might make ‘the best den’.

What’s more, Marina Ruiz’s pictures are seasonally toned, so that the forest smells and cinnamon tones imbue the den making, while the pages are soaked in greens when we’re nature detectives.

Altogether, Let’s Go Outside! is a most cherished invitation, one that you’ll be hopping to share and enjoy. Bookwagon loves and recommends this picture book!

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Let’s Go Outside!

Ben Lerwill and Marina Ruiz

(Welbeck Publishing)

Let’s Go Outside! After all ‘there are really BIG hills’ to climb. Then again, we can be ‘BRAVE explorers‘. It might be that we can ‘feel the wind in our hair’ or the ‘sun on our faces‘. What’s more, there are opportunities to be ‘nature detectives’ or even do ‘lots and lots of roly polies‘ We could even splash in puddles, or make a den!
It seems that like Sam Usher’s Lost, Free or Wild, titles, Let’s Go Outside! is an invitation to wonder. Then again, there’s the sense of infinity, such as we feel through Wild Child or even Everything You Need for a Treehouse. However, this title is unique in its text and then the presentation of that text. For example, ‘toasty-warm’ offers steamy decorations, while mini beasts are suggested in tiny letters! Then again, Ben Lerwill offers suggestions for readers’ adventures in the big outdoors at his picture book’s conclusion. These include considering the differences in attire for the seasons, alongside questions about the senses. Here, again, Marina Ruiz’s pictures are sky swept, moving and beautifully coloured. Altogether, Bookwagon loves Let’s Go Outside! and recommends it for reading in nurseries, schools, Forest School and home too.


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