Let’s Save Antarctica


While researchers drill deep into Antarctica’s ice to discover how our planet’s climate has changed over thousands of year, scientists seek evidence of dinosaurs who once roamed this continent. These are just two reasons that Catherine Barr urges Let’s Save Antarctica.

Then again, this is one of the few places on the planet that is completely safe for whales, ten species of which visit this food-rich environment.

In fact, Antarctica is one of the world’s last great wildernesses. Therefore, as we watch its enormous ice sheet melt and collect micro plastic fragments from its seemingly pristine oceans, it is imperative to act.

Bookwagon loves the quality and depth of Catherine Barr’s research, but also the accessibility of her non-fiction books. We recommend Let’s Save Antarctica as a title for home, class and school libraries, and then for curricular work too. It is an informative, thorough and splendid title beautifully presented with Jean Claude’s evocative illustrations.

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Let’s Save Antarctica

Why We Must Protect our Planet

Catherine Barr, illustrated by Jean Claude

(Walker)- hardback

Nobody lives on the Earth’s southern polar continent aside from researchers. What’s more, it is ‘colder and windier than anywhere else on the planet’. However, Catherine Barr, charges us with Let’s Save Antarctica.
After all, theses the home of waddles of penguins, while this continent has ‘the biggest ice sheet on Earth‘. This means that its melting impacts on global sea levels. Then again, once this place was home to ‘dinosaurs that walked through the continent’s lush tree forests’. We’ve read about this in Fossils From Lost Worlds. It means that Earth’s history is buried deep within the continent’s icy layers, providing a wealth of information about our past.
Then again, this is a place of extremes from its ‘freezing dark winters‘ to its surface, the closest place on our planet, to Mars. Therefore, it provide opportunities for research. Furthermore, when we consider its waters full of life and mystery, we are aware of something unique. This is a uniquely protected area for whales, for example.
Bookwagon is moved and informed by Let’s Save Antarctica. We suggest this book is ideal for curriculum studies, but also for reading and learning and appreciating. We recommend it wholeheartedly.


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