Libby and the Parisian Puzzle


Libby’s heading to her Aunt Agatha’s Mousedale Travelling School, this term established in Paris. While she’s anxious about leaving her mother and starting out somewhere new, Libby’s aware of the chance for adventure ahead. What’s more, she’s inspired to find potential mysteries to solve, just like her literary detective heroine, Isobel. Therefore, the passenger clutching a shiny red suitcase tightly is decidedly curious.

However, Libby doesn’t have long to consider mysteries before she’s swept up into the routine and opportunity of her Aunt’s school. There’s the glory of Paris alongside outings to explore its history and treasures, then there’s the culture, new friends and food! However there is also an unease, for Libby’s convinced  there’s something not quite right about Miss Browne. Yet how can she convince anyone to believe her? After all, they know Libby’s love of mysteries!

Yet, migraines? Strange meetings in the night? It’s all very suspicious… What will it take before Libby’s suspicions form into something tangible? Might it take the arrival of the gendarmerie and then a wrongful arrest?

Bookwagon is very excited by Libby and the Parisian Puzzle. Not only do we love the title character, her warm friendship with Connie, and the mystery, but we love the premise of the story too. What’s more the thought of further titles is so exciting!

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Libby and the Parisian Puzzle

Jo Clarke, illustrated by Becca Moor

(Firefly Press)

Libby’s warned not to seek out suspicious people on her journey to Paris. However, it’s hard when a passenger is clutching her red suitcase tightly and a favourite literary detective is an inspiration. Then again, Libby’s circumstances are new and suspicious! There’s  Libby’s mother leaving for Ecuador, while she is heading to Paris! It seems Aunt Agatha’s Mousedale Travelling School is to be Libby’s destination. What’s more the passenger with the red suitcase is heading to the same destination.
It’s not long before Libby’s firmly at home in her aunt’s school, enjoying the company of Connie and Sea and Noah, and enjoying board games and macarons with Miss Browne. However, Libby’s aware that some of Miss Browne’s stories don’t add up. It seems there are sightings of odd people, denials and meetings in the dead of night. What’s more, somehow it all ties up to implicate Aunt Agatha. What is going on? Then again, who will believe Libby’s observations?
Libby and the Parisian Puzzle is the debut title of book blogger Jo Clarke. It is a fresh, inspiring title, in the vein of The Secret of the Night Train. What’s more, it has such appealing illustrations from Becka Moor whose work we love, including the Wigglesbottom Primary series. Furthermore, Libby and the Parisian Puzzle promises to introduce a new series, which we look forward to wholeheartedly!


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