Lie or Die


Following an argument with her best friend over a boyfriend, Kass ends up at an audition for Lie Or Die, a new TV reality game show (any resemblance to Big Brother and The Traitors is entirely intentional).  Against her better instincts, Kass is thrust into the show, where everyone wants to be famous for doing absolutely nothing.  Players have to identify liars and then conduct a mock trial and execution.  When the body count begins to rise in reality, everyone is cast into a grim ordeal of survivaI.  This is an addictive, adrenaline-filled ‘closed room’ whodunnit, where everyone is a suspect, nobody can be trusted and no-one is safe.   There are plenty of shocks and twists along the way, where trust is definitely a rare currency in a murderous game.

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Lie or Die

A. J. Clack


Lie Or Die is a brand new reality TV show looking for cast members.  Kiss becomes one of the cast, almost by accident.  She does so in trying to recover her friendship with Thea, who still hasn’t forgiven her for kissing her ex-boyfriend.  The show pits the cast against each other  with designated Players, Agents, and Detectives.  There are fake murders and trials.

Kass feels out of place, especially amongst the wannabe contestants with their heightened social media profiles.  When the game begins it’s not what any of the cast expect.  Initially, small things go wrong, they then slowly spiral out of control. Everyone faces the horrifying truth that the players are being murdered for real. Working together with allies she doesn’t know how to trust, Kass begins to pull apart the mystery one clue at a time. Treachery is revealed as being closer than she could have imagined and she is soon faced with the dilemma of whether protecting her friends means throwing herself into certain death.

A J Clack’s debut YA novel is haunting and clever. The atmosphere of paranoia is very well created and as the tension rises, the impossible choices faced by the cast is palpable.  This story perfectly captures the dark side of reality TV, but also has much to say about toxic friendships and judging a person by their appearance.


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