Life is Magic


‘Houdini the rabbit was a natural. He loved magic. And he had a knack for bringing the team together.’ When Houdini’s talents are called upon to stretch further than he, the team or even the great magician might imagine, he proves a hit. How will Houdini take to his new role in the spotlight? Will he forget the team? The great magician?

This is such an appealing picture book. There is humour aplenty, with tiny asides to be discovered upon each rereading. There is warmth and consideration shown between Houdini and the great magician. There is minion like mischief and irresponsibility demonstrated by the rabbit assistants.

I’ve a hutch-like hint that this title will grow, rather like Houdini, in stature and acclaim, as its year progresses. Get it while it’s red, magic reading hot!


Life is Magic

Meg McLaren

(Andersen Press)

Houdini is the best assistant. He thinks of everything. However, even the best assistant who thinks of everything is stumped sometimes… This is a really inventive picture book with a strong story, humour, moral compass and amusing asides, within really quirky pictures. It will appeal to readers of all ages from 3 years.


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