Lifesize Dinosaurs


In Lifesize, Sophy Henn offered readers an opportunity to explore the sizes, patterns and individual features of animals in a comparative, tactile manner. She extends this invitation to dinosaurs in her mighty ‘Lifesize Dinosaurs’. 

Did you know an Utahoraptor’s claws maintained their sharpness because they never touched the ground? You won’t believe how long they were, either! A Diplodocus’ tail was so long, fast and huge that when it whipped it around, to scare away predators, it made a huge BOOM! Did you know a Stegosaurus’ backplates could change colour, depending on its activity? (Did you know that the oldest bee ever found, incidentally, was 100 million years old?)

Alongside facts are pull out and full feature pages, where readers can compare themselves to certain dinosaurs. From claws, to nostrils, teeth to mouths…. there’s so much to investigate, realise and exclaim over.

Lifesize Dinosaurs‘ is a fascinating book. It is a ‘forever’ book, a great starting point, reference and reading book, certain to be enjoyed by readers of all ages!


Lifesize Dinosaurs

Sophy Henn

(Red Shed)

‘Lifesize Dinosaurs‘ is the captivating sequel to Sophy Henn’s Lifesize. The picture book maker extends fascinating information with examinations of scale and shape. At every appearance of the word ‘LIFESIZE’, is an invitation to compare a feature against a dinosaur’s. How long is your toe compared to an Utahraptor’s claw? Can you flare your nostrils as widely as a Diplodocus? Is your nose as long as a Pteranodon’s beak? Then, there is a really scary comparison…


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