Lifesize: Ocean Animals


Did you know that a crab with an orange belly is a female, carrying her young? Her colour is a deterrent to predators? Then again, did you know that burying themselves in sand is a way for the masked crab to avoid harm? Then again, their two antennae might be used as snorkels to breathe.

Furthermore, it seems that bottlenose dolphins have individual names that are recognised through their whistles. This creature, like others within Lifesize: Ocean Animals is shown LIFESIZE, so that we might realise the size and shape of its bottlenose.

We travel from the surface with flying fish, to the depths of the ocean where bioluminescent creatures linger. Then again, we journey from a UK rockpool, where we might sight a cushion starfish, to the Pacific Ocean! Furthermore, there’s a fold out wonder, alongside a glossary of animal sizes to compare.

Bookwagon loves this outstanding series, and is delighted to welcome aboard, Lifesize: Ocean Creatures.

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Lifesize: Ocean Animals

Sophy Henn


Readers ‘grab [their] snorkel and flippers‘ for an underwater adventure with Lifesize: Ocean Animals. What’s more, just as with other titles in this remarkable series, we’ve an added treat. With each repeat of the L- term, we’re able to compare the real measurement of the creature described! It begins with a flying fish. Although this creature might have the ability to soar above water, this strength is its downfall. After all, it makes the fish vulnerable to seabirds.
Then again, what about anglerfish with their bioluminescent lures alongside a flexible body and giant mouth? Altogether it’s able to swallow creatures twice its own size! Then again, imagine having a leatherback turtle’s ability to hold its breath for up to an hour! Furthermore, what about an ability to make sand? That’s what the green bumped parrotfish can do though scraping at hard coral which it eats and then poops out… as sand!
there are megalodon teeth to measure up against, alongside other ancient creatures to view, including worms and spirula.
Moreover, just as with Dinosaurs, for example, and the other titles in this series, Sophy Henn includes an awe inspiring creature that makes our jaws drop and tummies tremble! In fact, this is revealed through a huge fold out….
Bookwagon recommends lingering through Lifesize: Ocean Animals, observing, sharing, comparing and researching further. We are so happy to welcome this title aboard the wagon.


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