Lifesize’ is an animal investigation. Picture book maker, Sophy Henn, invites readers to step into an animal’s existence. She offers facts about behaviour and habitat alongside a ‘Lifesize‘ measurement of the specified animal’s feature. The reader can compare himself/ herself against this! From tiger jaws to a desert scorpion, kangaroo ears, to a giraffe’s tongue, this is a curious selection that absolutely entrances!

Sophy Henn’s broad painterly background suggests the animal’s natural habitat. The ‘Lifesize‘ measuring makes us feel part of that landscape.

Bookwagon is fascinated by ‘Lifesize‘. We suggest readers will feel the same way. ‘Lifesize‘ is an inspired and exciting picture book!

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Sophy Henn

How do you measure up against the world’s largest and smallest animals?

(Red Shed)

‘Lifesize’ is a brilliant picture book. It is full of information about a variety of animals around the world. Readers can compare themselves against ‘Lifesize’ statistics, e.g., the smallest hummingbird, a polar bear paw, the eye of a giant squid.


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