Lightning Chase Me Home


On Amelia’s eleventh birthday, her Da rows her to Serpent’s Tooth Rock, as is the tradition, to make her special wish. Grandad says that whatever is wished for is always granted. Hettie and Penny suggest there is power and might in Serpent’s Tooth Rock. It is responsible for great weather shifts  the islanders have lived through.

Amelia is facing her own great storm. She’s missing her long absent mother and is about to begin school, taking the ferry from Dark Muir Island to Stony Island. Her mother helped her through her word blindness, but now she will be exposed. Girls like Blair will target her. Da hopes she’ll make friends. Amelia doesn’t hold out many hopes. The tumult and uncertainty grow after Amelia has made her wish.

‘Lightning Chase Me Home’ is a beautiful book. It is difficult to pigeon hole. Amelia’s conflicts are real- from  dyslexia, problems at home, to friendships. Yet Amelia’s other life, from traditions to folklore, to her fascination with determined female explorers through history, is magical. There are her disappearances, too….

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Lightning Chase Me Home

Amber Lee Dodd


On her eleventh birthday, Amelia Hester McLeod (named after her mother’s two favourite explorers) follows a family tradition. What will she wish from Serpent’s Tooth Rock? Are the rumours that every wish comes true to be believed? What about superstitious words offered by Grandad, and Hettie and Penny? A storm? Disappearance? What has Amelia started in ‘Lightning Chase Me Home’?


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