Lights on Cotton Rock


There is something nostalgic and poignant in David Litchfield’s storytelling. We don’t know why Heather is quite so desperate to be discovered by aliens and taken into space. Yet her vigil is shown to us in sequences as one long night, followed by other long nights, as she flashes her torchlight into the sky longing for an other worldly response.

What will Heather discover through ‘Lights on Cotton Rock‘? Will it be the longed for alien life and a rescue? Will it be to share her home and planet with another? What of Earth and all she knows? Can her family, over time, be quite so disposable?

I love the way David Litchfield demonstrates the passage of time in this wonderful picture book. Heather’s hope is the same, yet responsibility and relationships are strong ties- aren’t they? Somehow, this acclaimed picture book maker hints at E.T. glory; his use of light and colour is so emotionally symbolic and aware.

‘Lights on Cotton Rock’ is a picture book for all ages. There is so much to be read from the picture sequences, so much left unsaid and felt. Bookwagon is proud to recommend this magnificent picture book.


Lights on Cotton Rock

David Litchfield

(Frances Lincoln)

The stars sparkle with ‘magic and wonder’ in the night sky above Cotton Rock. Heather shines her torch into the wonder. She longs for an alien to visit from Outer Space after seeing her light, and take her away in a spaceship.
She sits and watches and waits. Will there be ‘Lights on Cotton Rock‘? She flashes her ‘torch off and on…
Why is Heather so desperate to meet an alien? Could she leave all she knows on Earth?
Heather’s vigil is obsessive. We read our clues about her search through careful text and perfectly sequenced, meaningful pictures. Bookwagon loves David Litchfield’s ‘forever’ titles like Grandad’s Secret Giant that enrich, restore and offer us hope. We appreciate the way he uses light and colour and shadow to capture emotion and time. His books are rich in other-worldliness, comfort and warmth.  What will be discovered through ‘Lights on Cotton Rock‘?


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