Like The Ocean We Rise


In beautiful words and pictures, this important book sets a rallying cry for the children of the world to protest climate change and to advocate for a safer world.

Our planet is vast and it’s beautiful too,
But it needs our help; it needs me, it needs you.

Like the Ocean We Rise is a timely picture book exploring the human impact on Earth and how we can all make a difference.  It draws on examples from around the world, while also celebrating the international youth movement that makes waves to save our beautiful planet. From tiny nations where rising waters offer a sense of doom to Tokyo rooftops the call is taken up, passed on to be shared and realised by readers, too.

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Like The Ocean We Rise

Nicola Edwards, illustrated by Sarah Wilkins

(Little Tiger Press) 

Like The Ocean We Rise is a beautiful, timely book that provides a rallying cry to save the planet.  In exquisite poetic text and illustrations, we see examples of how human activity has impacted on the world and climate. The book also pays tribute to the international youth movement that has done so much to highlight the climate crisis. What’s more, further information about some of these individuals might be found in titles such as Youthquake or Climate Rebels. These titles advance the urgency of the message of Like the Ocean We Rise. Somehow, by creating such a glorious call, the message of urgency, the appeal of the Earth, resonates more strongly. There is a sense of watching and calling and believing in the message.

The title begins with a tiny ripple, as in the example of the islands of the Pacific, where individuals cry for recognition of their plight. Thereafter, miniature raindrop cutouts invite readers to peep through and follow the call’s echo across the planet, growing stronger. What’s more we see this as a global initiative, realising that this is a unifying cry but also a problem that is impacting on everyone of us, wherever we live.

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