Lily and the Polar Bears


‘Lily and the Polar Bears’ come home after a day at the beach. When Mum recovers from shock, she digs out ice-cream and fishmongers for tea.  There is an initial problem about where the polar bears will sleep. They’ve nowhere to go now their ice floes have melted. Once the grown-ups realise that the polar bears are kind, brave and fun, they allow them to settle into an urban life. The polar bears get jobs and flats. Some even become astronauts! Just imagine!

‘Lily and the Polar Bears’ is a wildly inventive, good fun story. The possibilities that open for the refugee polar bears are endless. Jion Sheibani doesn’t overload an environmental or social message. He suggests there is hope, even if that hope is bizarre and fairy-tale like. The excitement, pace, scrambling pictures all combine to make this a superb reading choice. We recommend ‘Lily and the Polar Bears‘ highly.


Lily and the Polar Bears

Jion Sheibani

(Faber & Faber)

On a sunny beach day, Lily spots polar bears floating on melting ice. She comes to the rescue. ‘Lily and the Polar Bears’ is a wildly imaginative story about what happens next.



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