Lily and the Rockets


Lily has grown up with a love of football and is an excellent goalkeeper. She is keen to prove the doubters wrong.  When the war arrives, Lily’s football ambitions are put on hold. She works in a munitions factory, yet still plays football at lunchtime with her mates.  Together they form a football team, the Rockets, and a league soon follows. Women’s football becomes very popular as the public are starved of their usual mass entertainment. However when war ends, the girls lose  their jobs and football. Not Lily. If her only chance of being a goalie is to play with the men, then that is what she will do!

‘Lily and the Rockets‘ is a hugely enjoyable historical novel with vibrant characters and a wealth of contemporary references.  We recommend this gripping story, highly!


Lily and the Rockets

Rebecca Stevens

(Chicken House)
Has the outbreak of world war put an end to Lily’s footballing ambitions? She must work in a munitions factory now.  What might a lunchtime kickabout lead to? Or the organisation of a league?
Lily and the Rockets’ is a hugely enjoyable story with an absorbing plot and lively, appealing characters.  We recommend this great book to budding footballers and any reader who enjoys a thrilling story!


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