Lily Halfmoon: The Magic Gems


What is the special gem Lily earns for passing her witch trials? What does it mean? It seems that it’s ‘incredible‘ and ‘super rare‘, but nobody knows its properties. It’s a whirlwind of discovery for Lily since beginning at her new school. Although she’d been dreading it, it seems  this place offers a chance to explain the ‘incidents’ that have plagued her. What’s more, it seems that the explanation can be refined, that Lily might levitate or even ride a broomstick with control! However, what about magical creatures? Then again, what if one  appears requiring an urgent response from Level 5 witches?

Could it be that Lily Halfmoon is the holder of magical powers beyond anyone’s awareness? That it’s something to do with her gem? Then again, could she harness these powers to fend off an attack?

Alongside fascinating anecdotes and wonderful descriptions, we’ve friendship, family and magical adventure galore in a superb graphic novel. Bookwagon loves Lily Half-moon: The Magic Gems and recommends it highly to our readers!

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Lily Halfmoon: The Magic Gems

Xavier Bonet, translated by Marie Trinchant

(Allen & Unwin)

Lily’s dreading starting at her new school in Piedraville. It seems even a birthday surprise ends in a BOOMING disaster, so she’s holding out no hopes of friendship. Then again, Lily’s plagued by concerns about the ‘incidents‘, such as the exploding cake, that seem to happen to her without any warning. What is going on? Might Lily’s new school have answers? In fact, might her new school offer friendship and an opportunity to train…. as a witch?
It seems that Lily’s ‘incidents‘ are down to a gift that needs to be refined. Then again, she must pass special tests in order to be awarded her own unique gemstone that determines a power. Is this possible? Lily’s uncertain, and even so when her own gemstone is revealed to be something very different, something ‘super rare‘ and ‘incredible‘. However, nobody knows what it can do.Could it hold the answer when there’s a dangerous creature on the loose?
Xavier Bonet introduces such a satisfying, intriguing and magical graphic novel series with Lily Halfmoon: The Magic Gems. Like Juniper Mae: Knight of Tykotech City for example, this title is laced with wonder. However the inclusion of incidental information and anecdotes, from gemstones to cleaning slime adds an extra dimension. Then again, the mystical images and Lily’s own lovely character make this a superb read. Bookwagon is delighted to welcome Lily Halfmoon: The Magic Gems aboard!


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