Lily Halfmoon:The Witches’ Council


Lily continues to learn as a witch in training, not just at her Piedraville school, but also through her friends, Mai and Gigi. The trio have grown even closer since the rescue of Zöe. However, Zöe’s understanding of Lily’s true nature is threatening to spill over, so that their parents know the truth.

Then again, isn’t it time to share? Certainly, as the friends prepare to celebrate Samhain, the origin of Halloween, it seems logical. What’s more, it’s evident that Lily’s under observation. While there’s the Witches’ Council, gathering at Piedraville for celebration, it seems there’s something more…

Lily’s moonstone marks her out as someone special and different. Yet while we know she might be trusted, what about the Council. Furthermore, could her stone be the key to Hecate obtaining the precious diamond that offers her unparalleled power?

Bookwagon is really happy to recommend Lily Halfmoon: The Witches’ Council, an intriguing graphic novel full of magic, character, geological and historical information, with sincere friendship and family values at its core.

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Lily Halfmoon:The Witches’ Council

Xavier Bonet, translated by Marie Trinchant

(Allen & Unwin)

Lily’s found her place at Piedraville with close friends, Mai and Gigi. It seems her unusual abilities demonstrate a special skill and belonging.
However, since the events of The Magic Gems where Lily’s stone drew the attention of the council, it seems she’s been under close investigation. It seems to have escaped some of the authority’s attention that Lily’s rescue of Zöe from the Grotox was exceptional! Not that Lily’s aware of this. In fact, her head is full of Samhain, from which Halloween evolved. It seems that Piedraville’s hosting the grand celebration, including a huge gathering of The Witches’ Council. There will be ‘dances, activities, lights everywhere‘.
Then again, what about Lily’s secret surveillance. Could it go further than this gathering of authority? In fact, might our heroine be watched by an evil force determined to steal her jewel for her own ends? Then again, could it mean that the authorities might not trust Lily’s intentions? Furthermore, how longs it possible that Lily’s parents will not know the truth about her? It seems her little sister, Zöe, is desperate to share what she knows!
Bookwagon is excited to share Lily Halfmoon:The Witches’ Council with our readers.


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