Lion Lessons


Lion Lessons are necessary if you’re going to take your Lion Diploma. After some upward Lion and downward Lion stretches you’ll be ready for training with a Pro. It will be demanding!

Your lessons will include such leonine staples as pouncing and choosing what to eat, prowling, roaring and springing Then there’s looking out for your friends. Are you up for that?

There’s a touch of Maurice Sendak about this title; maybe the lion costume is reminiscent of Max. However, Lion Lessons, by acclaimed picture book maker Jon Agee, is all its own, unique, intriguing, funny, curious story. I love the bold white framed images, the changes of perspective, the expressive black outlined characters. Most of all I love the message, which is subtle, warm and witty. This is a picture book to be read, shared, reread and loved.

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Lion Lessons

Jon Agee

(Scallywag Press)

Lion Lessons are necessary if you want to get your Lion Diploma. It’s not easy. There are seven lessons that begin with stretching. At the end of these you shake your manes and prepare for the training. Could you look lion fierce? Maybe ‘bare your claws, gnash your teeth, and show your fangs‘? You’d have to impress your Lion Pro trainer too. It seems like that’s a tough call! Thereafter you’ll be expected to roar, choose what to eat, prowl around, sprint and spring. Then there’s pouncing and looking out for your friends.
Could you pass a lion diploma? It seems very difficult.
Like The Wall in the Middle of the Book, this picture book has a subtle, wry message delivered in a very appealing way. The characterisation is reminiscent of the works of Maurice Sendak, yet the story is all its own and open for rich inference and consideration. Bookwagon will be enrolling in Lion Lessons with such pleasure!


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