Lisette’s Green Sock


Lisette’s Green Sock delights her when she first discovers it. However, Timcat and Tomcat suggest that one sock is useless and find her discovery hilarious. With that, Lisette attempts to track the missing sock. Yet from the tallest tree she can see no sign of another sock, while Fish, beneath the ocean, has no news, either.

As she waits for her single sock to dry after it’s been washed, Bert visits. He’s attracted to the sock and suggests it would be a fetching hat. Yet Timcat and Tomcat have other ideas. Furthermore, they’re keen to play a trick on Lisette with the partnered sock they’ve found!

Is it possible that Bert’s imagination and Lisette’s creativity might arrive at a solution that upends the cats’ mocking?

Lisette’s Green Sock is a warm, curious and entertaining picture book in which we discover, consider, delight and approve. Catharina Valckx has created such an engaging picture book with bright pictures, an original idea and really sound storytelling.

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Lisette’s Green Sock

Catharina Valckx, translated by Antony Sugaar

(Gecko Press)

After the curiosity of Zanzibar to Bruno, Catharina Valckx, turns her attention Lisette’s Green Sock. It seems that while her discovery of a green sock might delight Lisette, it suggests that she needs to find its pair. Yet from the ‘tallest tree’, despite being able to ‘see everything, she ‘can’t see even see the shadow of a sock’. Might it have ‘fallen into the sea’? Thereafter, how far will our heroine go to find her sock?
Fish hasn’t seen a sock, though he has disovered a rake and coffee pot. So, where might Lisette find another green sock? While she waits for the first to dry on the line, Bert suggests that it would make a very fetching hat. Could it be that if there was a second Lisette might have a second hat? Or might Timcat and Tomcat be prepared for some mischief? Will Lisette ever find the missing sock, or might she have her mind (and head) on other things? Furthermore, might Lisette’s mother arrive at a happy solution?
Lisette’s Green Sock is a really engrossing picture book of friendship, discovery and making the best of things. We love the story alongside the fresh, keen, encouraging pictures.


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