Listen to the Seaside


Small readers are invited to press a button and hear the sounds associated with six different seaside scenes in Listen to the Seaside. There are dolphins at the seaside. Let’s push the button to hear them and watch them leap and swim in the sea. There are sea lions too. While some are swimming, there are others basking on the rocks. What other animals might be found?

There’s a boat at sea. ‘What sound does the boat make‘?

Listen to the Seaside is part of a delightful series for very small readers that Bookwagon recommends. The interactive opportunity will attract curious thinkers. Furthermore, Marion Billet’s enquiring questions, broad panoramic scenes and bright pictures are captivating.


Listen to the Seaside

With six amazing real-life sounds!

Marion Billet

(Nosy Crow)– board book

Listen to the Seaside, beginning with a boat. What sound might it make? Thereafter, ‘listen to the sea lions‘. Maybe young readers could imitate the sounds. Furthermore they might take in the picture to see the animals  lazing on the rocks and swimming in the sea. Are there any other animals to discover? There’s a deep-sea diver! What sounds might a deep-sea diver hear? Look at all the fish about him to discover!
As young readers explore, they’re invited to take in the full experience of the seaside, from ocean to animals, beach visitors to vehicles. The bright pictures and panoramic scenes are laden with opportunity to explore, enjoy and learn. We suggest that the buttons (with on/off capacity) will draw in curious minds too!
Bookwagon welcomes Listen to the Seaside to a series that includes Listen to the Things that Go and Listen to the Countryside. Like those books, each scene here offers newer readers a button to push to hear the relevant sounds to the setting, visit and story. This is a reading and learning rich opportunity that we recommend to all small, new readers.


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