Listen to the Things that Go


Can you beep the horn, Giraffe? It seems like a lorry is coming down the road. Listen to the noise! Wolf’s bicycle has a bell. Shall we ring it?

Throughout Listen to the Things that Go very young readers are invited to push the sound buttons and listen to the vehicles. There’s an on/off button to control the noises. It means that we can listen to the very noisy boat, or maybe a steam train!

Listen to the Things that Go suggests an opportunity to interact, read and listen, realising story and sounds in an entertaining combination just right for Bookwagon’s smallest readers.

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Listen to the Things that Go

With six amazing real-life sounds!

Marion Billet

(Nosy Crow)– board book

Listen to the Things that Go. Maybe you’d like to turn on the on-off switch? It seems at that point  you could help the drivers and riders! Perhaps you’d like to ‘beep the horn‘ for Giraffe. What might happen at that point? Thereafter, what about ringing Wolf’s bicycle bell? Let’s turn the page and join Bear and Dog waving to passengers aboard the ‘noisy boat‘. Thereafter, there’s a tram travelling uphill. We’re invited to ring that bell! It seems that there are so many sounds to make and listen to! Listen to all the changes!
Marion Billet draws our attention to all the opportunities. Then again, we’re entranced by the movement, different noise and the operations too. It feels as though we’re all aboard, rather as we would be if we were playing Who’s Driving? What’s more, magically, the book has us in motion, so that we’re recalling, applying and interacting with the reading too!
Listen to the Things that Go, rather like Pop-Up Things That Go! is a superb interactive reading opportunity for very young readers. Let’s turn the page, turn on the switch and jump aboard!


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