Little Bear


At first Little Bear is so small as to fit inside a hand. However it soon grows so big as to be too big for a pocket, and then a hat. It seems it’s time to journey to Little Bear’s home. You cast the anchor and set sail across oceans and huge skies. Meanwhile the bear sleeps snug and warm in your bag.

However, before long the bear is too big for the boat, so that you must travel aboard the bear! What might you discover at the end of your journey? How will you connect ‘forever‘ even though you must sail home?

Alongside a tender, empathetic story of love and friendship, Richard Jones offers lyrical pictures of possibility, wonder, adventure and wide open spaces. Bookwagon loves Little Bear. It is a perfect choice for bedtime, for comfort and remembering, for sharing and loving, and gifting.

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Little Bear

Richard Jones

(Simon & Schuster)

Imagine if you found a Little Bear. Might you check if it’s lost and thereafter enquire ‘Can I help you?‘ Maybe you’d pop this little creature ‘in your pocket’ if it grows too big for your hand? Thereafter, you might choose to play ‘together all afternoon’.
It might be that the bear’s growth means your hat becomes too small. Therefore, this would mean a journey home. Could it be that the bear’s ‘safe and warm’ in your bag as you sail ‘through the night’? Maybe by Friday the bear’s grown so big that he might ‘climb onto’ your shoulders so that you feel ‘soft whiskers’ tickling your back. It seems as though the wind is pushing and pulling at your sails so that you’re ‘lifted- up, up, up into the frozen air’. Meanwhile birds circle ‘in the sky and all the while, the kind sun’ keeps you warm.
Where are you going? What is happening? Might the bear’s growth continue at such a rate that by the end fo the week it’s ‘Land ahoy!‘ as you stand upon his back?
It seems as though Richard Jones takes us aboard this beautiful bedtime story. Furthermore, as with Perdu, we feel the story; its tenderness, sequence, wonder and meaning. Thereafter, we languish over the breathtaking pictures from the domestic to the wild landscape. What’s more, we recognise the inner world of our traveller, the meaning of his connection with Little Bear. Bookwagon adores this picture book and recommends it for reading aloud, knowing, keeping and gifting.


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