Little Bear’s Picnic


Big Bear suggests a picnic to Little Bear. There’s a basket packed already. First they journey through the vegetable garden where readers are invited to lift the flaps of the pages to see what is growing. When the bears arrive at the river, Little Bear spies watercress and picks it. Again, readers are invited to join in.

There are thirty-five flaps to lift and discover alongside questions to follow up on. For example, can you help Little Bear find the honeycomb? Thereafter, what happens when it rains? Are Big Bear and Little Bear prepared?

While this is an ideal early years’ reading book, it has hidden depths such as the presentation of food sources. Thereafter, it invites readers to follow a journey toward a delicious goal! Furthermore, there are rainbow recipes to check out at the story’s conclusion.

Little Bear’s Picnic is beautifully designed and created. I love the bright colours, incidental character and setting additions, and sense of movement. This would be a delightful addition to any young child’s first library.


Little Bear’s Picnic

Cook With Me!

Seb Braun

(Little Tiger)- board book with 35 flaps and a child- friendly recipe

Little Bear’s Picnic starts with an invitation and a basket. Thereafter, Big Bear and Little Bear ‘set off through the vegetable garden’ where they stop to pick food. At that point, readers are invited to lift the flaps and ‘find some delicious vegetables.’ Furthermore, when they turn the page it seems that Little Bear is exploring watercress alongside the stream. It appears that readers can help Little Bear with more flaps to lift here, also!
Alongside bright colours and a journey, there are opportunities to explore and participate throughout this lovely early story book. Like Let’s Find the Dinosaur and Pop-Up Things that Go! this title is an interactive learning invitation. However, it’s the story that counts most wherein the sequence and interesting additions make this so intriguing. For example, how often do honeycomb or watercress appear in infant books? Furthermore, Little Bear’s Picnic includes Rainbow Recipes for young readers to enjoy.
Bookwagon is so happy to have discovered this appealing early reading book. We believe our youngest readers will enjoy it very much!



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