Little Bird Flies


‘Little Bird Flies‘ in her head. She dreams of other lives in other places. Yet Little Bird expects to remain on Tornish. Father promised this to Mother, before she died. Little Bird knows the islanders have her life plotted, like that of her sisters before her. Little Bird feels different, and it’s not only her perceived fragility.

That difference comes into sharp focus with the arrival of the new Laird on Tornish. The cruelty and disdain he inflicts on the islanders upends all that Little Bird, her family and community have ever known. When there is no hope of a future, ‘Little Bird’ must escape. Where will they go? What is their future? Is it all that ‘Little Bird’ hopes?

Little Bird Flies‘ is the book Karen McCombie was meant to write. I have loved her works for a long time. They are a ‘go to’ for more reluctant readers, with an ease in writing that envelops a reader quickly. ‘Little Bird Flies‘ extends this, so that the writer opens a door to her ‘Little Bird‘ imagined world and invites us in. We believe in her central character. We know her and urge her forward. I cannot wait for more of ‘Little Bird‘ and recommend other readers meet, greet and welcome her to their reading world.

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Little Bird Flies

Karen McCombie

(Nosy Crow)

Father promised Mother that the family would never leave Tornish. Life is wild, open and rich, yet ‘Little Bird Flies‘ in her hopes and dreams. She wants more than island life. She wants to cast off the shackles of family, expectation, and her perceived fragility, and experience the world. What happens when it seems that escape is the only choice?


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