Little Hazelnut


‘Little Hazelnut’ lies beneath the snow. Above, Blue Tit forages for food before being chased away by crows. Will the nut withstand the crows search for food? Will ‘Little Hazelnut’ change through the seasons?

This beautiful 3-D paper sculpture reveals the seasons fascinatingly. There are levels and layers to the construction. The characterisation is strong, simple and to scale. The text is simple yet illustrative.

‘Little Hazelnut’ is a book to give and keep. It is utterly, snow-white, hidden hazelnut, perfect.


Little Hazelnut

Anne-Florence Lemasson Dominique Ehrhard

(Old Barn Books)

Squirrel has just enough time to gather his winter supplies. In his haste he drops ‘Little Hazelnut‘ in the snow. Hungry crows frighten away a blue tit lingering for scraps. Will ‘Little Hazelnut‘ survive their search for food? What will the thaw reveal of the nut?

We experience the unfolding seasons through perfect paper sculpture. Each double page opens out to reveal a complex 3-D step in the sequence. ‘Little Hazelnut‘ is an exceptional popup book, non-fiction story and realisation of life’s rich structure.


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